Temptation From Cat Cosplay

The cute cat is fascinating. Then what about a cosplay of a cat? This 100cm flat chest love doll looks just as charming. She is not only an ornament, but also fully obeys your orders and does some passionate things with you.

Why is Role-playing falt doll more attractive?

Role-playing can always bring freshness to people. Many people like this little girl just like kittens, not only because they are cute and obedient, but more importantly, an atmosphere. I think it ’s difficult to describe. For example, when you look at this flat chested sex doll under the necklace and ring decoration, and then look at the role-playing little girl with cat ears or tail, I think you can feel this atmosphere.

Flat chested sex doll will not lose her charm. The slightly raised chest is the starting point of development. Cora has a pussy and vagina that are not fully developed like a girl, and has a soft mouth, which is the ideal sex toy for many people.

This flat breasted doll often has dozens of procedures to ensure its high fidelity. We only use the safest medical grade TPE material to make her body, so you can use it with confidence.

Flat Chested Sex Doll Measurements

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LIT Sex Dolls
Model Number: 100-tzh-cat
Type: Non-toxic TPE Sex Doll
Product Name: 3 ft 3 in (100 cm) Flat Chested Love Doll – Cora
Material: TPE With Metal Skeleton
Sex type: Vagina / Anus / Oral Sex
Height: 3 ft 3 in / 100 cm
Skin color: Light Tan / Fair / White
Bust: 15.7 in / 40 cm
Waist: 15 in / 38 cm
Hips: 21.7 in / 55 cm
Vaginal Depth: 6.3 in / 16 cm
Anal Depth: 6.3 in / 16 cm
Oral Depth: 4.7 in / 12 cm
Gross Weight: 30.1 lbs / 14 kg
Net Weight: 25.4 lbs / 11.5 kg
Package size: 37 x 12.2 x 9 in
94 x 31 x 23 cm

14 kg


94 × 31 × 23 cm


3 ft 3 in / 100cm


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