Cheap Real 100cm Small Sex Doll

1. With TPE sex doll, men can relax and will definitely reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

2.100cm Small Sex Doll can help us relieve stress at work. Life and work are very stressful. Having a small silicone doll is an effective way to relieve stress. You can try it if you want.

3. She can adjust the status of life for Single men, or married men and women who are temporarily separated from each other.

4. Festive dressing, sex dolls look more realistic than some inflatable dolls, so they are also a good choice for decorations for festivals.

Tomomi is a small football fan. At critical moments, she can always lead the team to win the game, but compared to football, her makeup skills seem to be better. She is a beautiful girl with pink eyeshadows and The long eyelashes that look very attractive. She is wearing a red skirt and is always very bright in the crowd. As you know, she is a 100cm small girl sex doll of excellent quality and appearance.

Tomomi has three holes, which make it available for Vagina / Anus / Oral sex, what’s more, we provide a lot of options for you to custom your sex doll, if you have other need, feel free to contact us.

Small Sex Doll Measurements

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LIT Sex Dolls
Model Number: 100-ysr-red
Type: Sex Doll
Product Name: 100cm Small Sex Doll – Tomomi
Material: Food Grade TPE & Metal Skeleton
Sex type: Vagina sex/ Anus sex/ Oral sex
Height: 3 ft 3 in / 100cm
Skin color: Tan/Light Tan/ Fair/ White available
Breast Waist Hips Size: 55 – 39 – 60 CM
Cross Shoulder: 24 CM
Leg length: 31 CM
Thigh width: 44 CM
Palm length: 12 CM
Foot length: 15.5 CM
Vaginal Depth: 16 CM
Anal Depth: 15 CM
Oral Depth: 15 CM
Weight: 13KG
Package size: 100 * 32 * 24 CM

13 kg


100 × 32 × 24 cm

Breast Waist Hips Size

55 * 39 * 60 cm


3 ft 3 in / 100cm


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