Cartoon Sex Doll – Cells at Work

Cells at Work is a Japanese anime released in 2018. The story anthropomorphizes various cells in the human body. It tells about the cooperation between various cells in the human body, defeating various bacterial viruses, and striving to maintain human health. Platelets are very cute characters among them. Their main function in the blood is to coagulate wounds. When our skin is torn, platelets will come and let the blood in the wound solidify so that it will not be invaded by foreign bacteria and can better protect our health.

Platelet is a super cute loli image in anime. He is small in size and looks innocent. At work, although he is very serious, he always encounters some difficulties because of his short stature, and his unassuming attitude is even more adorable. Shouting slogans carefully while walking and step by step when going up and down the stairs are very exciting.

In reality, there are more and more bear children, fewer and more simple and sensible naive children, and people’s ideal image of children becomes blurred, so it is natural to make people feel gentle. People concern.

When the image of platelet appeared, it really hit the tenderness of the audience.

In the anime, because of its loli image, platelet conveys the first impression of Meng, but with the development of the plot, the tenderness of the audience is stirred.

Platelets actually feel like a vulnerable group. Although weak, platelets have been doing their part. Even if the work is a little difficult for them, it is still trying to keep everyone up. When the little platelet is troubled at work, do you see if there is a touch of love and whether it has hit your tenderness?

This 115cm japanese hentai cartoon sex doll mimics the appearance of the role of platelet. She has big eyes and a pink mouth. Now you just need to use your imagination and buy a blue coat for her, that is the perfect model.

Doll Measurements

Place of Origin: GuangDong Province, China
Brand Name: LIT Sex Dolls
Model Number: 128-b11-tzh
Type: Sex Doll
Product Name: Cartoon Sex Doll – Platelet
Material: Food Grade TPE & Metal Skeleton
Sex type: Vagina / Anus / Oral sex
Height: 3 ft 9 in / 115cm
Skin color: Light Tan / Fair/ White
Breast Waist Hips Size: 52 – 38 – 54 CM
Vaginal Depth: 17 CM
Anal Depth: 17 CM
Oral Depth: 12 CM
Gross Weight: 15.8 KG
Net Weight: 13.8 KG
Package size: 106 * 34 * 24 CM

20.5 kg


106 × 34 × 24 cm


3 ft 9 in / 115cm


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