This male doll is 140cm in height and light in weight, which is very suitable for women. It looks like an English gentleman with elastic skin and a penis of 13 or 16cm in length.

You can choose different ways to have sex. This doll has metal skeleton inside, which can imitate the posture of human body. It can be a place for sex whether in bed or on the sofa.

We notice that you can pay attention to health problems. Our dolls are made of high-quality TPE materials to ensure no special smell and no harm to human body. However, please clean the penis of dolls after use and apply talcum powder on the body, which can increase the service life of dolls.

Brand Name: LIT Sex Dolls
Model Number: 140-male-aini
Type: TPE Male Sex Doll
Product Name: 140cm Male Sex Doll for Women
Material: Food Grade TPE With Composite Steel Skeleton
Sex type: Penis sex
Height: 4 ft 7 in / 140 cm
Skin color: Black/Tan/Light Tan/ Fair available
Breast Waist Hips Size: Null– 59 – 79 CM
Penis Length: 13 CM / 16 CM
Gross Weight: 29KG
Net Weight: 34KG
Package size: 130*37*26 CM

34 kg


130 × 37 × 26 cm


4 ft 7 in / 140cm


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